, Indian Springs

, Nevada

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-18 17:41:24
“One of the things that bring happiness into my life is building, modifying and operating radio controlled vehicles and aircraft; It always has. It’s relaxing, therapeutic and indeed educational to myself and it allows me to assist others with their hobby interests when the opportunity arises. I look forward to receiving my next RC project and I always enjoy the processes of research and preparation that I undergo for this wonderful hobby. You see, for me it’s deeper than just buying the equipment and simply flying, it’s so much more than that. Early on as a child, I had horrible difficulties at school in learning and though I’m an adult of 48 years young, I still have learning problems. This emotional, mental and physical improving hobby of radio controlled flight helps me by providing myself better eye/hand control, emotionally uplifting experiences and exercises my brain function through physical manipulation of the radio in flight and the building of the aircraft and a great way to exercise my unfortunately slowly challenged memory. I love it when I remember the complexities of tuning PID’s on a multirotor aircraft for instance, as it gives me hope that getting older won’t destroy my memory like it did my Grandmother. I can only say that for myself, I feel as though adding regulations to a life enhancing hobby is strangulating and gives me frustration and anxiety that this United States Veteran doesn’t really need in his life. I served in the Army National Guard from 28 JUL 1990 to 1993 and the Inactive Ready Reserves from 1993 to 1998 during the time of the Gulf War. My intent of writing the aforementioned wasn’t for anything other than there are more who served that enjoy this hobby. I was an Infantry Soldier that didn’t see any action but there are more that served who did. Don’t legislate this hobby away from them, or the children who like me have a problem learning, or anyone who has this to turn to to escape a life of misery in one way, shape or form. PTSD is real, would you want something taken away from you that’s saving your life? Give all of us collectively, the opportunity to just be happy and okay in this not so caring world that we live in. People of the FAA, pick up an aircraft of any type and fly it as if you were a child enjoying flight for the first time. Build or assist someone build one for themselves physically, offer emotional support and/or give financially to put a smile on their face and change their life forever. If you over regulate RC flight, the lives changed forever could be someone you love. Could you imagine trying to explain to a child why they can’t fly because of this, that or the other? You’ll confuse them as this proposal confuses some of us adults. Let’s allow the people the peace and freedom of stress necessary to enjoy this hobby. Sincerely, John W. Cagle”