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, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-19 8:29:43
“This is my comment to the FAANRPM That I Summited: Dear Sir, I am 65 years old I worked for 46 years of my life I am going to retire this September so I will be on a fixed income. I have 3 passions 1: model airplane building and flying. 2: FPV Quad copters building, programming and flying. 3: Camera Drones. I have a Mavic Mini and enjoy flying it, someday I will buy a bigger one! (saving for one now) I am a member of the AMA and I will join a local chapter near me so I can fly in their field. But the #NRPM gets rid of the flying fields where people have been flying for years. I am a very responsible pilot I am writing to you about Remote Id I agree that we need it but not the way it is written in the #NRPM it cuts out two of my passions: Airplane and FPV Quad copters. Therefor I don’t support it, I buy my parts from hobby shops, radio control shops on line take pride building things and testing them to see if they fly. First planes only fly in open fields for only up to seven minutes flight time up to 125 ft low altitude maybe 1000 ft away. I keep it under 200 ft altitude. Some of them take 800 ft plus 100 ft both ways cushion. So, about 1000 ft to take off and land. FPV Quad Copters fly for 5 minutes or less and 100 ft altitude up to 1000 ft away. Building them is enjoyable programming and tweaking them to fly in tune is fun and teaches you a lot, if you get rid of the places I get my parts or kits from then I cannot build them anymore, how they fly and the distances they fly they should not be a problem for air traffic, therefore the airplanes and FPV should be exclude aircraft from this regulation. My Mavic Mini can fly up to 30 minutes and 9842.52 ft altitude but I keep it at 200 ft altitude no need to fly higher. It can fly 1.4 miles away but I only fly it about 1200 ft away from me, I have a strobe anti-collision drone light on it so I can see it better and for safety. I have a pre-check list before I even turn on the UAV, 1 for each flight. I have two apps on my phone B4UFLY and AirMap so I can plan my flights safely and check for air traffic in my area. I also have a log book. I log all my flights to keep a record of my flights and maintenance on my UAV. I fly my UAV around my house and the 25 lakes and the countryside that I have been filming them from a new perceptive. I always fly VLOS, because it cost a lot to lose my UAV and it’s the law and I’m a safe UAV pilot and I will never go BLOS. Therefore, I think it should be broadcast only with the internet as back up because of adding more cost on a fixed income is hard on anyone that is retired or is going to be and if you can do it with a software upgrade which cost nothing and which would be easier. I live in the boonies wear the internet is spotty in places, even my phone doesn’t receive a signal. I check the area where I will be flying on my two apps before I get there and keep a close eye on the sky for air traffic because I want to be safe while flying. Broadcasting only, should be kept private and is only available to FAA personnel and law enforcement also be shared with air traffic management so we could see each other and know that someone’s in the area or coming our way so we could get out of there way, that would be greatly safer and beneficial. Going public with the information would put the UAV pilot in bad situations, theft, muggings and bad confrontations with the public. I feel no need to go public with the information. I am studying for my part 107, remote pilot certificate because I want to know everything about the air space I’m flying in to be safe and obey all the rules and laws. It is very important to me. I would like to make money sometime time after I retire part time. To help me pay for my hobbies and other things I need. Studying for my part 107 has taught me a lot and I enjoy learning it. So, Thank You for letting me make a comment about this proposal, this is mine. Sincerely, Richard Hopkins”