, Port Orange

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 8:32:04
“My name is Sebastian Venegas, I’m 23 years old and began flying ultra micro airplanes since I was 14. This hobby ignited my passion for flight and engineering. As of today I have gotten my Private Pilots license, my part 107 as well to try and be compliant with efforts of the FAA as well as my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university and currently working on masters in ME with hopes of forming part of the aviation world in the future. I give this hobby all credit as to my ability to excel in my courses and flying as I taught problem solving and critical thinking from a young age when things would not work correctly or after many iterations of my aircraft design. Currently I fly scale fixed wing aircraft along with scale helicopters and FPV multi rotors (with no self flying capabilities, if I stop looking at it it will crash in a few seconds). I hope I plan to pass this hobby on to my kids so that they may also fall in love with flight and engineering. I love RC flying and it’s introduced me to not only to my passions but also my best friends. If this hobby where to be limited by the current restriction it will eventually disappear and such a large part of my life will be gone. I understand the need of regulating aircraft capable of autonomous flight and aircraft used for commercial purposes. The recreational side of the hobby is full of law abiding intelligent citizens who have never posed a problem before. Thank you for your time and efforts.”