, Buxton

, Maine

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 8:35:17
“Hi my name is Tony, these new proposed regulations are rediculous I’ve been in this hobby for 15years flying line of site with rc aircraft “not drones” the 2 are very different 100% of rc planes are flown line of site and can only stay flying on a battery or fuel for about 6- 15 mins at one flight and are 99% flown at AMA sites or unpopulated areas which cause no danger to public or real flying air craft traffic I must mention my experience with this hobby all of my fellow hobbyists would not do anything dangerous seeing as this hobby is very expensive and would not take any chances to cause damage or harm to no one! Everyone I’ve flown with in rc plane world is very respectful, responsible, and safe, also building model rc aircraft is a learning and fun experience for all ages and can lead to and has to careers in aviation thank you for reading this.”