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, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-19 8:43:22
“Flying is something I have loved to do since I was a child. I fell in love with it because of an uncle who was in the hobby from his early 20’s til he passed. He started in the hobby when you had to build your own transmitters. He left me all his airplanes and RC gear when he passed away. I had quiet a few planes before but now I a lot more. I have his original transmitters that he built. My 10 year old son now flies with me and loves this hobby. This gets kids to think and get out of the house and learn about something they wouldn’t learn about any other way. Along with Aeronautics this hobby teaches programming skills, mechanical skills, physics and critical thinking. I agree anything you can’t fly line of site and over the weight of your typical racing quad copter should have some type of safety feature. My DJI Maveric Pro has saftey features built in such as if it loses contact with the transmitter or the battery gets low it comes back to its takeoff position. I also have it set not to exceed 400 ft AGL. The flight software also will let me know if I am trying to fly near an airport. Regulate what really needs to be regulated. The chipset that keeps up with GPS could easily register NO FLY Zones as well as flight ceiling and simply not let autonomous aircraft fly to high or fly in no fly zones. People creating these regs should not be people who know nothing about the hobby.”