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, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-19 12:40:43
“Flying and building model aircraft has taught me more than I could even begin to describe here, from electrical engineering to manufacturing with 3-D printing to RF applications. It provides experiences in education, enhances interest in manufacturing, and provides a community that I did not have 4 years ago. It provides livelihoods and jobs. The FAA proposal as its currently written will destroy all of that by making the hobby side of drones completely illegal while all rules/regulations surrounding drone use are apparently tailor made for commercial airspace. Amazon and FedEx are not the only people using airspace as public property. Hobbyists don’t need that much room. Limit our useable airspace to 300 feet AGL and require Part 107 licensing for hobbyists at a reduced cost at least, but don’t completely limit our legal ability to fly in on our own property or in unrestricted airspace.”