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, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-19 12:43:25
“Having lost everything in my adult life to a divorce, a financial setback and the inability to find work, i’d hit rock bottom. Someone close to me gave me a drone to cheer me up. It sparked more than just a hobby or passion. It sparked life again and the light of hope that there was something worth living for beyond those who care about you. I finally was able to feel some sort of freedom and joy again. What my friend didn’t know was I was going to kill myself that day. 3 years later, I’ve managed to sort through my life and fix what needs to be fixed in order to be happy again. All thanks to flight and drones. (this is the very abbreviated version of my story but if it had not been for drones, I would not be here to type this.) Thank you FliteTest. YOU guys inspired my friend to get into the hobby. He got me into it. Therefore, you were part of why i’m still around. Included is a photo of my attendance at flitefest. Flitefest was my goal. If I could make it there, I knew that I was on the right track to getting where I needed to be. Last year, I hit that goal. I will be there again this year. NO MATTER WHAT!”