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2020-02-19 12:40:51
“R/C aircraft of all kinds are a huge part of my life, and the lives of my family and friends. We currently enjoy the ability to safely fly at our home, parks, and once a week at our local club. We enjoy flying everthing from micro quads, mini quads, small electric and nitro planes, and large gas planes. If these rules pass, it will have a very negative impact on what we enjoy most. People in America obviously enjoy all types of hobbies and sports, and I feel ours is under attack, and I am extremely upset at the possibility of losing the ability to enjoy the hobby with my family and friends as we currently can. In my ten years plus of flying I’ve also never seen anyone fly over 400 feet. Orientation is huge and you can’t tell which way your aircraft is facing if it gets too far away. This regulates distance by itself. No one wants to crash their aircraft and lose hundreds of dollars. The FAA states that safety is the primary concern, yet do not require manned ultralight planes to register. And furthermore there is no evidence, or attempt by the FAA to gather evidence that this hobby is dangerous and needs regulated, because the evidence is not there. This is a safe hobby. I’ve personally flown with hundreds of pilots in over a ten year period and have never seen anyone injured.”