, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-19 23:07:17
“Building and flying my airplanes have been a great joy and relaxation for me now for 57 or so years. I’ve been involved in building, teaching, and flying RC airplanes since I was 10 years old and would be extremely saddened if FAA rules add to the expense or rules involved in flying RC airplanes. I am not nor have I ever been interested in flying or owning multi rotor drones at all and don’t feel the FAA should be involved in the hobby of airplanes. This hobby means the world to me and the AMA has the right amount of safety rules for the safety of others such as not flying over populated areas, flying on the wrong side of the flight line, or flying over people. I just love the fact that every part of building a model RC airplane is exactly like building full scale aircraft as I’ve even been involved in doing that with others as well.”