, Apopka

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 23:06:55
“Upon first learning about FPV drones over 3 years ago I have never been happier or more fulfilled when it comes to a hobby or extracurricular activity. The pleasure and enjoyment that comes from planning, research, study, building time, programming, and the beauty and sheer enjoyment of flight is second to none. I’ve always placed safety first and never fly more than about 150 feet from the ground. The community that has been built around designing, building, and flying amateur aircraft is truly amazing and it would be an absolute travesty for that passion to be stifled. Not to mention the tens of thousands of jobs that would be eliminated by such overbearing regulations. Hobbies of this nature give many citizens, including me, meaning and purpose to they’re life. Over regulation would not just remove amateur aircraft from the air but remove the spirit of innovation, engineering, and the freedom we Americans embrace and enjoy.”