, Apollo

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 23:17:15
“I started flying 6 years ago, and live in rural Pennsylvania. Model aviation has taken a wonderful significance in my life, and is very important to me. I wake each morning eager to get to the build/repair table in the winter months, and eager to fly in the warmer months. I love building aircraft as much as I love flying them. Building has taught me valuable skills in electronics, building techniques, the ability to research problem solving on my own, and lead to making friendships with like minded hobbyists. Loosing any of this would be devastating to me. Our local group of pilots belong to a CBO (the AMA), follow the guidelines, and fly very responsibly. Weekends are very much anticipated to fly on private property and at local AMA club fields, seasoned older men and noobs alike. Getting outside in the sunshine and experiencing the thrill of flight is like no other. Besides, our wives look forward to the men getting out of the house for a few hours! I hope that we pilots can continue to enjoy the hobby, without change, as it has been safely done for many decades, but I have one request if any of the proposed rules go into effect. I request that, if the commercial interests that many people believe to be driving these proposed changes (commercial drone deliveries) abandon their use of the skies for what ever reason, there are plans to return the airspace that we hobbyists currently enjoy, be returned to our use! Respectfully submitted, A Concerned Pilot”