, Menasha

, Wisconsin

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 23:23:11
“Hello, I have been flying remote control air planes for nearly 8 years now. I’ve built nearly every plane I have with fan fold foam insulation. I’ve purchased plans from other remote plane pilots off of the internet. I’ve gotten 3 friends to join my fun past time and along with my son to join in. We’ve all built our own planes from plans purchased from the internet or located for free. I build planes from Cargo carriers, I’ve dropped Easter eggs with parachutes for my grandson’s, and had a blast…. to F15 & F22 jets. These are all foam planes that I have loads of fun building an flying. My main flying ‘field’ is a vacant lot in Wild Rose, WI. I’ve even had the local county sheriff stop and see what we were doing. I gave him my FPV goggles while I flew around. He was able to see real time video while I was flying the plane. He was shocked at how cool it was and had a great time with his short time with us… but we’ve seen him 3 times since then and every time he stops by and says hi. This is just a little corner of my flying world, and I’m surrounded by a lot of friends that do the same, we don’t hurt anyone, we’re not destroying any lakes, woods or property while having fun. The most damage I’ve done was taking a nose dive into the ground.. my friend laughed so hard, and all that happened was my foam plane’s front nose crumpled up on impact. With a hot glue stick and about 1/2 hrs I was flying again and have in fun. Please take into consideration that this is a fun hobby that is cost effective for everyone… even the families that don’t make a lot of money.. they can have fun also with less than $100.00. Thank you for your time and consideration for having a fun/flying time. Jerome Chosa”