, Redmond

, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-20 0:13:38
“I got my first job to fund my airplane hobby. I have been participating in this hobby for 30 years. I designed my own models from the start. I have an Aeronautical Engineering degree, worked in the defense industry for some time. Now I participate in the hobby as a break from the work week, along with a good excuse to get outside on the weekends. My kids have even taken to flying several different kinds of aircraft. I spend most of my summer free time flying unpowered gliders. These aircraft use rising columns of air to gain their altitude. They are a great challenge to fly; it is rewarding to climb high and sustain flights of 30 minutes or more without any power-plant. There have certainly been some recent technology concerns which need consideration, but this should be done with the existing organizations that have been managing these matters in the community with a great safety record. Snap one-size-fits-all decisions would have disastrous consequences for many long standing segments of our hobby.”