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2020-02-20 0:18:12
“##### I have been flying Radio Controlled models since the late sixties…Most of the people that I have encountered over the years are level headed safety conscious individuals who do not have to be “Policed” by any government agency…This a hobby that molds our young generations into the future aerospace engineers, airline pilots and astronauts. I truly believe that this is an attempt by big corporations and their lobbyist’s, to take control and commercialize the use of our airspace for their own interests and personal gain. I am a licensed Private Pilot and adhere to all the rules set forth by the FAA to keep our skies safe and totally agree with most of them… With all the chaos that is happening in Washington these days, it is a clear indication to me that our own government are a bunch of dysfunctional individuals who’s last interest is the welfare and well being of our own citizens. It is also my opinion that these proposed rules, along with gun control and all the other “hidden” proposals that are probably on the table will turn our hard working American Citizens who believe in the Constitution and the rights set forth by our Forefathers into a country of outlaws……… God Bless America.”