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2020-02-19 23:31:02
“AMA503193. FAA FA3C7X99XF I’ve flown rc since 1995 as a hobby. Relax, friends, being outside, design, experimenting, failures and successes all a part of it. Regulating it as proposed will only take the hobby away from those who ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Yes there is a possibility rc could be used as a terror but I know of no instances where anyone was attacked/killed by an rc plane on purpose. I think anyone intent on doing that will do it with no concern about laws and regulations, like criminals being the only ones having guns in “gun free” cities. Better use of resources by the FAA would be to work through manufacturers, distributors and organizations in safe and sensible use of these aircraft. #1 being They are NOT toys. Used with reason, sense and safety can be a family wide activity causing years of fun memories. Misuse/unsafe use can be dangerous to participants and innocent bystanders. Please dont ruin it for all of us based on “what if’s”.”