, New Kent

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 19:50:35
“The FPV community I see are well educated and responsible people. These people are trying to become part of the community and are flying in vacant areas not going any higher than the tree line. These “air spaces” we are flying in are nowhere close to interfering with a manned pilot’s flight path. Invading the privacy of these hobbyists can be detrimental to their safety. Any layperson who wants to create a problem will be able to find information out about the UAV pilot will be able to. Having this info will allow them to know where you are and in not too many more steps to know that you are not home. It’s equivalent to unvoluntary “Checking Into places” or playing Pokemon Go in secluded areas. *You want these pilots to play in secluded areas but you also want to give away their position to everyone else* I Understand some of these regulations for commercial use that I will be doing in my current Fire Department and working with the Sheriffs but not for hobbyist.”