, Grain Valley

, Missouri

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 20:45:42
“It’s family oriented and fun. It gets my kids out from behind video monitors and into something that helps them create and be productive. We meet great people through the hobby. It teaches my kids and myself things that I would have never learned to do outside of this hobby. From this hobby I’ve learned to 3D print. To create from scratch and see it come to fruition. We learned how to build Remote controlled planes from scratch and from that I learn to build a CNC cutter to aid in the construction of plane parts ( out of foam board). Companies like Flite Test have made this an affordable hobby to get into. We go to a local soccer field and fly and have a great time. Sometimes we go out to friends family farm to fly. We don’t fly to high or to far. There’s never been any issues or unsafe practices. It’s a great hobby to learn many things and just have a genuinely great time”