, Des Peres

, Missouri

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 20:32:25
“The hobby is good as it is so far, a few tweaks here and there for autonomous aircraft should be made. Flying to me is a way to enjoy flying without having to build or buy an actual plane. I as an FPV inclined pilot would never fly very high, because our VTX antennas wouldn’t be able to exceed 1,000 feet. I think that regulations should be made, but taking away the whole hobby as it is will just ruin the hobby and make people angry. Most can agree that we (the smarter people) know from good judgement what to do and what to not do. And yes, people will be stupid and make mistakes and fly where they shouldn’t. Let me tell you, most of the time it is pilots such as DJI pilots or photography pilots making those errors. Us FPV community just like to zip around in our yards or in an open space where no people are present. This way by taking precautions we can all be safe and keep our hobby to the best that it can be.”