, California

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2020-02-25 19:40:37
“The ability to see and photograph wonderful nature locations from angles unobtainable w/o a drone are what drew me to the drones. I mostly fly where there is no cellular or other digital signals (albeit GPS). I frequently use LAANC to determine if I am near restricted airspace and feel this is a very well done and useful tool that should be taken full advantage of. It keeps me in open airspace for my personal photography. I may one day go commercial and seek Part 107 certification but for now it’s a hobby only. It appears to me that the proposal, as written now, will not allow flights outside of cellular coverage areas, which is where I prefer to fly. I understand the need/desire for remote ID in urban areas. Fine… keep the regulations in the cities. Leave the rest of the country available for our enjoyment under current regulations.”