, Mill Creek

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 19:30:21
“I have always been interested in aviation. I got my Private Pilot license in 1973 and later became Commercially rated and also a Flight instructor and enjoyed working with others to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot. I also spent 32 years working in the aviation industry manufaturing commercial jets. I built my first radio controlled airplane and joined AMA in 1985. Building and flying radio control airplanes has provided the opportunity to make great friends who also enjoy this great recreational hobby and being able to educate new pilots including my grandchildren. I do agree that as an FAA rated pilot and as an RC pilot that there is a very definite need to ensure safe use of our National Airspace with the growth in commercial UAV’s operating remmotely and out of line of sight. But pushing remote ID down to small RC aircraft operated within line of sight will be amajor impact to this great hobby. Having to register every airplane seperately and limit flights to within 400 feet of my transmitter will not contribute to making the airspace above our AMA sanctioned flying field any safer for recreational or commercial flights as they are not allowed to fly lower that 1000 ft AGL without being in violation of Federal Avaiation Regulations where we are located.”