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2020-02-25 19:31:25
“5 years ago i was very active person but had a sudden major health scare which meant i was unable to do physical high risk hobbies like mountain biking full contact martial arts. I had always had an interest in RC but not very active, however after the above i needed a new release as i had started to feel very low in myself I discovered FPV and mini quads which I thought was amazing to essentially have a cockpit view of flying this was amazing to me i had interest in aviation as a kid and imagining flying fighter planes.. this was as close as i was ever going to get & loved every second in the air.. and actively learning about all things aviation in detail i had never previously, I already had commercial background in electronics so that side was not an issue but was for lots of other people just discovering it which allowed me to share that information and engage with them. regarding the proposed regulations of remote ID this is trying to fix a problem that does not exist outside of corporations that see it as a money making idea.. let me tell you as an engineer this is literally pie in sky as the technology namely battery just doesn’t exist yet, amongst other technical limitations of delivering goods. 99% of people in this hobby fly safely has have more traditional ones have for many decades & as have Quad pilots more recently like in the last decade. The 1% is not going to be made safer by the remote ID as they will mostly be bad actors and irresponsible people & existing laws exist to take care of those. Also please provide us with the safety appraisal, that show the number of deaths, serious incidents involving actual RC models? incidents like Gatwick have yet to be proved was RC model related, by the uk police own admission there may not have been an actual drone nor have 150k people plus world press nor the police or airport staff pilots managed to capture one actual photo? Please listen to representatives like Flite test, Bruce Simpson, FPV coalition and the likes of AMA.”