, Greenfield

, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-25 18:56:25
“I actually enjoy the designing, building, and innovation part the best. Yes I enjoy flying too, and to me its a visual thing of seeing my model fly and perform. Which also means I’m probably flying within 50-400 feet from me. I started 40 years ago in high school and was mentored. I was out of it for a while but my son flying quads brought me back into it. (along with the advent of powerful electric motors, LiPo batteries, and fun concepts like glue gun & foam board building). Now I’ve mentored him and a few others. Because of it he will be starting collage for electrical engineering. (He has now gone far beyond me with programming flight controllers and such!) The creativity I’ve seen of the youth in the sport is absolutely amazing! And the things they can incorporate and develop with the latest tech is also stunning! I believe regulation such as this proposed here will stifle most of not all of that. RBH”