, Sweden

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2020-02-25 19:28:48
“I have been flying model airplanes since the 80’s Started with Gas but moved over to electric. Nowadays the technology is so good I see no need for gas any more. The new regulations are questionable without doubt, I feel that the folks who come up with the new rules have no idea what the sport is about. For example many of our flying vessels cannot have some sort of transmitter broadcasting all sorts of info. That extra weight will reduce performance. And by the GDPR rules in EU data collection about personal data is not allowed….so that must be ruled out, besides who will access it? Why collect data if you are not going to do anything with it? I fly SAR, search and rescue and I fly for police, firefighters and sea rescues, with the new rules I cannot do that and that will potentially end up in the loss of people who might die due to not being rescued in time. Besides, the rules only affects the people who wants to do the right thing, a bad guy who wants to do something illegal will not fly a registered drone, he will have something DIY without transponders or such. As long as full scale flight cannot read the data transmitted it is no point of broadcasting it at all. Again, who is interested in where you are flying, what direction and how fast? Nothing of that matters as long as you follow current regulations with separations between full scale and model aviation, do not fly over populated areas and such… As is our most common drone manufacturer (DJI) are already broadcasting all data but that is between the pilot and drone over a secured WIFI. Nobody wants us to unlock them WIFI’s as public so anybody can read flightdata but they can also be hacked more readily and then we have problems. Best regards SAR Pilot at SRD (Swedish Rescue Drones) Niclas Öberg / Sweden”