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, Minnesota

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2020-02-22 15:13:03
“I am retired and live on a fixed income. I have two large hayfields on my property and yes, I live in the country in northern Minnesota. I have no cell/data reception where I live which means if I had to use some type of remote ID that connected to the internet, I wouldn’t be able to comply. I also can’t afford fancy RF ID equipment in my planes, assuming it would work at my location which it does not. The chances of me running into an airplane, with my RC model aircraft, pales in comparison to being mauled by a bear, bitten by a wolf, or trampled by a herd of deer, all which could potentially occur but are very,very unlikely to happen. Part of the reason I live in the country is so I can appreciate my flying hobby and these newly proposed rules make that impossible, as far as I’m concerned.”