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, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-22 15:18:14
“Model aviation, Radio controlled flight is a very important part of my life my family, friends and associates. This is the primary fun and safe recreational activity in mine and many of our friends and family’s lives. Model aviation has been conducted safely and responsibly throughout the United States and the world for many years and I feel that it is very important that it not be imposed upon with further rules and regulations, restrictions, complications and expenses that most hobbyists and aviation enthusiasts and students will not be able to easily afford or deal with. Model aviation should not be grouped with commercial autonomous flying systems. It is a completely separate and very very different thing. It does not and has not interfered with or caused any safety issues accidents, deaths or concerns. And it has been proven with a history of safety and responsibility and accountability. More people have been injured or killed by vending machines and public mailboxes. I speak the same as many others and feel (and know from actual experience) that there is no need for further regulation and/or imposing upon model aviation and model aviation activities and people. I also feel that what we feel are unreasonable rules and restrictions if ever put upon model aviation are imposed that this will not be tolerated. Many of us will make it a life long organized and non relenting mission to oppose such unnecessary rules regulations and restrictions that have never been necessary in the past for any reason and continue to not be necessary now and many years into the future. I absolutely will not tolerate or accept this and I don’t expect others to either.”