, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-22 15:19:13
“Before I found out about FPV my hobby was bodybuilding but after being a victom of a car accident that led me to having a back surgery I could no longer work out, let alone stand for a long period of time with out having major back pain. I was even diagnosed with RSD and due to this fell into a deep state of depression. It was until one day that I ran across a video on YouTube of pilots posting freestyle videos that made me want to be a part of this hobby/ community. I have kept myself so busy watching videos that taught me how to build quads that I was able to come out of my depression. This has given me reason to live and all I want is to continue to build and get better so that I can begin to fly the quads that I have built. I have been stuck in the software area but am not giving up hope that I will find someone in my area that can help me to learn that part of the hobby. From there I can get into using the simulator programs daily so that when I am ready I will be a great pilot as well as a builder. Thanks to FPV I have a reason to live for. I have built some great looking quads and love to see how far I have come from not being able to solder to building a beautiful machine all thanks to wonderful community of people in this hobby.”