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2020-02-22 16:41:35
“I am an engineer with 24 yrs experience in system design, development and integration. 17 of these yrs being in the aerospace industry. I have also been exposed to manned and unmanned(RC) flight my entire life through family. The resent developments in radio control technology have lowered the entry cost into the hobby in both time requirements and dollars allowing many more individuals to participate. Also, the reduction in size of models means many models can be flown safely in many parks or fields. For me the main cost of entry into this hobby is time. Living in rural community I am able to safely fly quad coppers in my backyard. If I want to fly my FT Scout or P-47 I can drive 2miles to field or the local high school. In either case I am looking at about one (1) hour. Finally, of all my models only one is capable of autonomous flight (DJI Magic Air), all others are scratch built quad-coppers or foam board aircraft. In ALL cases these models are flown via line of sight below 150’ altitude well below any manned aircraft activity. If the proposed rules are enacted as is it would ceverly impact my involvement in this hobby.”