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, Nevada

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:47:24
“Now in retirement I’m able to re-enjoy Radio Control flying I learned many years ago with my father in the infancy of the hobby. The technology currently is so safe, easy to learn, and reliable that I can fly with little preparation and can continually enhance my skills. I also have young ( 7 – 9 years old) grandchildren that I’m anticipating teaching this hobby (drones to begin with, then fixed wing RC) but only if it remains relatively unburdened with unnecessary restrictions. It seems like a few persons with little respect for safety and common sense are causing government officials potentially to spoil the hobby for the huge majority of hobbyists who are respectful and law-abiding. There likely are other public participation methods that could address the relatively small number of safety and security incidents that have arisen, apparently related to drone technology. Why spoil a wonderful pastime that involves learning and active participation? I’m hoping healthy hobbies such as model aviation, compared to passive hobbies such as computer games of violence, won’t be impacted by over-regulation.”