, New Hampshire

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:47:02
“Built my first model airplane 72 years ago at age 7. Built and flew control line models with glow engines all through middle school and high school with my friends at high school field. I have continuously built models since. Got into RC airplanes in 1965 when I built a Heathkit digital proportional system and a Goldberg Falcon 56 with an Enya 19TV engine which I still have. Became an airline pilot in 1964 and except for the Falcon, spent the next 46 years flying for the airlines. During this time, I continued to build model airplanes and some boats, mostly static display. Have 25,000+ hours flying time with the airlines and buisness jet flying and retired in 2009. Got back into RC flying in2014 when I joined the AMA and a local AMA club #2417 in Merrimack, NH. It’s still winter here, but we fly with skiis on our planes. Aviation and model airplanes have dominated my life and I have owned 3 full sized airplanes over the years. I am an FAA licensed Airframe & Powerplant technician and I am presently teaching high school students how to build a Van’s RV-12 experimental airplane. I’m hoping that some of my students will become interested in model building and flying, and go on with aviation as a career.”