, Roseville

, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:46:59
“Model aircraft is a way for me to connect with my son. We build fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft both above and below the 250gm limit. We own one sub 250gm commercially made quadcopter for photography. All of our other aircraft are home built quadcopters and foam board constructed fixed wing aircraft. I think it is patently unconstitutional for me to require me to join a club and fly on their property in order to fly a 251 gram aircraft which does not register its and my location with the government. Here are my suggestions a. 1) Make it easier for entities who do not want intrusion of drones over private and government property to apply for flight restrictions. Have exclusion areas clearly accessible via smart phone application. 2) Invest in research for technology to jam/block drone operations from excluded areas and track the location of the transmitter. 3) Promulgate reasonable regulations on altitude and weight limits for model aircraft and empower local jurisdictions to enforce violations. The 250gm registration limit is unreasonable and a 250 gram drone traveling at high speed is certainly more hazardous than a large 500gm styrofoam sail plane. 4) Don’t make FAA the sole enforcer of air space violations. If a local officer, park ranger, etc was empowered to write tickets for violations punishment would be swift and punishments would fit the crime in most cases. Right now a public air space violations are typically only enforced by FAA inspectors primarily through very expensive and rare administrative violations.”