, Moultonborough

, New Hampshire

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 17:25:14
“I live in a rural part of NH and I have not been flying at a club field because they are to far away. I fly in my yard and at local open fields flying electric fixed wing, helicopter and quad aircraft when there is nobody there but me. I always fly at low altitudes which means under a couple hundred feet and within line of site. Cell phone reception is very mixed here and a requirement to connect to the internet will mean I will not be able to fly at my main flying site. I have about a dozen aircraft and I am very safety conscious and I have never had an accident or complaint ever. Lastly, I am not willing to retrofit transponders to my aircraft nor am I willing to pay for a flying data service that I can only use 3-4 times a year because of my busy schedule and the local weather (winter is 4-6 months a year here and I don’t fly then). I expect the new regulations will destroy this hobby for me, which will be a very big disappointment, and it will do nothing for safety locally. This is just another big government overreach catering to big industries selfish interests that will trample on my right to enjoy something I like very much as a law abiding, considerate, tax paying citizen. Not fair…”