, Solana Beach

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 17:17:35
“I have been scratch building and flying model airplanes since my childhood. I learned from my father, who learned from his father. Now, I have the privilege of teaching my 2 sons to build and fly aircraft. As a child I was obsessed with flight, and wanted more than anything to be a military jet pilot. My father had dreams of being an astronaut. My son wants to be an Air Force test pilot. Flight is in my family! The planes I fly are almost 100% scratch built. These are made with foam from Home Depot, cut with a nickel chromium hot wire, and covered in Scotch packing tape. Winglets are made from Walmart coroplast. Very elementary. All done in my garage, on weekends or after work. I use cheap servos and motors, and everything is designed by myself. The proposed FAA Remote ID and flight location requirements would mean the end of the hobby my family has enjoyed since the 1940s. We are unable to comply with the proposed restrictions, meaning that my family and thousands like ours will either stop enjoying the wonder of flight, or be forced to “go underground” and fly illegally. Neither of these options sound desirable. I am fully in support of safe flight, especially as it relates to full scale aircraft, firefighting operations, or large crowded events where radio controlled aircraft may pose a problem. However, the proposed FAA regulations would do little to nothing to ensure the public’s safety. Those who fly illegally now, and risk the safety of others, will certainly fly illegally in the future regardless of new regulations. However, the unintended consequences of destroying a beloved hobby and threatening the education of generations of dreamer pilots is very real. Please seek alternative means to ensure public safety with regard to aircraft and drones. We are on the verge of making a huge mistake which may negatively impact our nation for a generation (or more). Thank you, Kevin Shaw, MD Solana Beach, CA”