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2020-02-22 17:21:36
“This is more than a hobby, or a business, it will become a tool in our way of life. We will become smarter, safer and healthier with the use of drone tech in our personal lives…besides having a blast with our hobbies. We already have a defined space, tools to make us aware of the right time & spaces to fly in, or NOT to fly in… and accountability with IDs and flight records already on my DJI drones. I think that’s pretty good right there! I am increasingly depending on this ‘hobby’ for advancing performance at work, for my personal documentation and YouTube channel content. I believe in the future my drone will be my Alexa, My Security Guard, My Personal Assistant. I do not want to see all of the fantastic innovation happening at the hobby level with the tools we have today, stifle the ability to improve our lifestyles with this technology. I am investing in this technology as a part of my future because of it’s promises. Please do not limit this freedom. I believe in accountability, and I think the people who have advised the FAA have already suggested solutions that are very reasonable and forward thinking in regards to accountability and safety in a very simple and approachable manner. DJI believes so as well. Listen to the community. With community support and freedom, enthusiasm for flight and innovation…our lives will benefit from this technology!!”