, Portugal

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2020-02-22 17:22:08
“I’m from Portugal and I fly FPV Drones, in the summer I usually go to the US to stay with my godparents. In Portugal we have rules about the flying zones and we need to ask for permission to fly in certain areas and as far as I know here we don’t have any problems with our safety and the safety of other people. If these rules become part of the law I can’t take my drone to the US because I wouldn’t be able to fly it. For me and for most of the people that fly FPV Drones we love it, love the feeling, the freedom and in my opinion these rules will take our freedom and will take most of the places that we can fly our “Toys”, it’s very sad seeing that the future generations that want to learn and fly rc planes, drones, etc., wouldn’t be able to do it so easily which can make them quit. Some ideas: -The people would be able to fly in some areas like their backyard or in public spaces without people like an empty football field or a park; -People would need to take an online test about safety practices and flying safe in general; -The remote ID should be just necessary in large and heavy aircraft; -Pilots could have an app with their information (not public) to put where they are flying and the time.”