, Cypress

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-26 11:04:43
“I have been in LOVE with Aviation since I was about 6 years old. I am 37 right now and have been chasing after anything to do with Aviation my whole life. I wanted to fly for a career, but so MANY things got in the way and I have never been able to finish with my PPL. I will continue to seek flying full scale airplanes in any way that I can, but flying RC is what my passion is and has been since I can’t afford or have time for full scale flying currently. I started flying RC back in 2005. I flew, small planes, then helicopters, then FPV and now I am back to flying mostly planes. I love all kinds. Scale, sport, 3d, bush etc… I enjoy having my planes and using them to expand my knowledge and love for aviation. I read ALOT of aviation books and text books to learn as much about full scale aviation and aerodynamics as I can. I have used my love of flying RC to teach my kids about the AMAZING world of aviation and I feel so sad to think that they might not have a chance to experience aviation from the world of RC in the way that I have been able to. I love building, Fixing and mostly flying my planes. The knowledge I have gained from flying in RC is invaluable. I have learned so much while being a part of this hobby/passion. I have learned to solder, I have learned about electronics, aerodynamics, signal flow, weather, and SO much more. When I have had a bad day, nothing changes how I am feeling like watching one of my planes break the ground and become airborne and fly through the air all at my control! It would be SO SAD to see the way this hobby works change so drastically that no one else can experience and learn from it, like I have. Thank you for your time and I pray the right decisions are made to keep this amazing hobby alive! -Clint”