, Belleville

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 11:07:37
“I’m a 4th generation model aviator. I’m concerned that the new rules would limit the ability of future and current flyers to continue enjoying the hobby. I’ve tried my best to stay current in my knowledge of the rules, however I’m seeing more and more people giving up the hobby due to regulations and difficulties trying to comply. I use apps like B4UFLY to check areas prior to flying. I believe that the current LAANC type system would make it easier to comply to the new rules. However, my own yard falls into a No Fly Zone. I am forced to only fly my very small crafts over my own property. It’s becoming very disappointing that I can’t enjoy a hobby that I’ve been doing for over 40yrs. Hopefully they can come up with a system that could allow folks to comply with regulations and still be responsible and safe.”