, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-26 10:22:38
“Here we go again, where is the justification for all these restrictions. if there out there i have not seen or read of them. is the FAA exempt from a risk assessment to justify there actions? I am not sure they are. It would be nice if somone could crect me if i am wrong. I think it is fool hardy to play along when its posible the FAA may not have the right to due and not due dilligence in this mater. I get the impression thay are having porblems with manned aircraft involving deths almost on adaily bassis, Insted the focus is on a hobby with few if any deths in close to a one hundred year history of the hobby. I greatly appreciate your format for my concerns even though youve suggested its not appropriate for your needs in dealing with FAA hobby regulations. Best regards, and happy flying.”