, Biglerville

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 10:45:10
“Well let’s see here. I been disabled for the past 7 years, I used to be a racer at the local tracks. Till I all most hurt ppl from passing out at my job at Harley davidson. Comes to find out from my heart doc I have what is called “automatic dysfunction” So now I can barely do anything, I’m tyle 1 diabetic, I also have heart problems, nerves throughout my body are damaged. So 7 years I found this hobby, spent my last of my money to get into it. Was hard to learn for the first 4 months, had to push my self. After all that. It’s like I can be a bird. Fly around looking at things you never have seen or will get to see in a fpv perspective at all. This proposal will ground me for life, what will I have then? Nothing. All bc the government and these big companies want money? Like planes and stuff have been around for years! I’m 40 man, through the worst of times with all my disabilities, I know if I’m stressed I can just grab my quad and go fly in my back yard, or a park and just relax. I always check my surroundings, if the park dont allow them I dont fly there, or if there is to many ppl I’ll go to another spot. What are you going to do next? Make everyone pay for the air we breath? You going to kill all the birds so that you can have the skys? Like what is this world coming to that you have to take the skys away from everyone? Makes no sense to me at all. Besides from flying, I only have one quad that I bought that was b8nd and fly, all the rest I have put time and money in to build them my self. I happen to like building as much as flying, just the accomplishment of something that you can say you have built is the best feeling in the world. I dont think you also have the right to know where I’m at 24/7, that an invasion of privacy, that’s like putting a camrea in my bathroom stall if I’m not correct? If I want to fly at my house witch is private property, what gives you the right to take that away from me? No one owns the skys, you think you do and you dont, god put is on this earth to enjoy life, not band everything that comes to all this crap. This isent life, this is a prison your making for everyone. I’m already in a half prison as it is bc of my disability. Takes me alot to save up and get things bc I dont even get a grand a month. So yes this proposal sucks, if your manned airplane or helicopter is at my tree line the you are way to close to my house period. How about fighting drug cartels or these billionaires and tax the shit out of them, or your guys your self just sitting there in your seats with all this money and can fo what you want to. Try being me for a week, scraping by to live every month, cant hardly afford my insulin or these pills I have to buy for my heart or autonomic dysfunction. And yet you want to take away the only thing that can make everything disappear, worries. Stress, dumb ppl in this world. What did any drone pilot ever do to have these rules? Nothing lmfao. So yes I say no to this proposal, I’m trying to get my step kids to learn how to build and fly, but if this passes what’s the point? And that would mean your taking from kids that want to learn, these are skills for life, and I will support the drone hobby hands down any day of the week, or any flying hobby for that matter. Down with this proposal period. Thanks, todd a beal”