, New Zealand

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2020-02-22 21:22:31
“I have loved Helicopters for years. Wanted to be a pilot but with the cost involved it just wasn’t going to happen. I finally had enough money to by a RC Helicopter and I was hooked from there. I got involved with the Local RC club and then into RC planes. I have my RC Heli licence and fly mainly on my home farm but enjoy going out to the local park with the club and our strip when the park is busy. Now my whole family are into RC flight. My son flies Heli’s and planes. My daughter built her own plane and flies. My wife flies her planes and a few of my Heli’s. It is such a great day when friends and family fly together. Concerns. Why do flight zones need to be restricted. These change with property owners and councils. Why could you just not apply for a new flying site? One Idea. Why cant the pilot have one ID and move it between all models? After all. We cant fly two models at once. Maybe plug it into the balance plug of the battery?”