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, New Mexico

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2020-02-22 21:16:24
“This is a hobby for me to enjoy and learn to build drones and connect with my child and community and educate them as to what drones are. At first when the height requirement was put in place and the registering of the person and not every drone I was on board. But when the FAA is proposing all drones and planes needed to be registered and remote I’d subscriptions with a private company needed to be had and tracking of drones was required it started to fill as if the FAA saw another avenue to exploit regular people who enjoy a hobby. Granted if someone is doing something wrong fine them and fry’em accordingly. But when the average person wants to have fun and be left alone leave them alone. When the FAA decided to change airspace classifications in an area that I was able to fly before on a 28 acre plot with no one around and have permission from the property owner to do so now I can’t. I have airplanes and helicopters flying well below the 400 hundred foot mark for drones, is that fair. Haven’t heard of many cases of drones and model airplanes flying low crashing into homes and killing people. It seems this is now another way for the FAA TO BE GREEDY and line their pockets with money and other private interest groups to collect information that they say we are collecting. Maybe the FAA should try and have fun and learn about the hobby instead of destroying fun for hobbyist.”