G Scott


, Rogers

, Arkansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 21:26:36
“I am new to RC flying and do so on a limited budget. A requirement that includes costs anywhere near what the FAA briefed to the US House and Senate subcommittee on Aviation – would drive me out of the hobby. While I fly at a club site (AMA Club) I would like to be able to fly at other sites that fit within the existing AMA and FAA rules. This hobby is a fulfillment of a lifelong interest in flying but the proposed rules would simply put me out of ‘business.’ Personally, as with guns, Criminals will always find guns even through illegal means AND those intent on disregarding the safety and privacy of others, will not be stopped by this ruling, they will find and fly or build and fly with illegal hardware and in areas that common sense would tell the average person not to fly.”