, Utah

, United States

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2020-02-22 22:33:41
“I love flying 5 inch racing drones because it calms me and makes me feel free. I especially love to fly in the desert near my house where there is no internet connection. I love to fly the mountains that are a couple thousand of feet near me. Building drones gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I love to share it with new people. The drones I fly I build myself and are about 300 grams. They are designed for racing at my local club with friends. There isn’t room for a remote ID equiment in racing drones. I also fly FPV in the mountains, and there isn’t cellular coverage in the area. I love the feeling of flying to the top of the mountains and then skimming the tress as I return. (While staying under 400 feet AGL at all times). This hobby is such a big part of my life. Please consider how much these new purposed restrictions will impact hobbiest such as myself.”