, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-22 22:49:03
“I own a private aircraft that I use for travel and I’ve been an active member of the RC Aircraft hobby for many years at dedicated flying clubs. I participated until recently in competition flying and through the hobby I acquired the knowledge to construct my own RC planes using raw materials. I then passed this information on to students building their aircraft for competition at SAE contest. These events are essential for the future of aviation and Americas growth in Aerospace for obvious reasons. Lastly I am a licensed Private Pilot and a licensed UAS Pilot. I use my drone for work to photograph construction site progress. These new rules may prevent me from using my drone as they are too restrictive. In 2020 my airplane I use as transportation around the region was required to have this type of system installed. I believe it was very necessary and had many additional benefits but I believe this thinking is misplaced in the UAS community.”