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, Florida

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2020-02-22 22:28:08
“I must admit that I’m not educated on the details of what the FAA is proposing. But, I do know that more federal regulations is not the answer. I’m a long time RC enthusiast that’s not in a club and I don’t fly at a RC field. I live in the country and fly on my own property. My concern is that more regulations will extremely limit the hobby. I love flying. If I was rich, I would be a pilot and have an airplane but I’m not rich. The RC hobby is my way of enjoying the art of flying in the privacy of my own property at very little cost. This hobby should be enjoyed by anyone that’s interested without needing government approval to do it or having to be wealthy to afford it. I know there’s people flying RC that make stupid decisions or have sinister agendas. If there are areas of concern, the FAA should work with state and local authorities to develop an action plan for these locales. By action plan, I don’t mean regulations. My point is that the FAA should not regulate the entire country.”