, Florida

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2020-02-22 22:45:17
“##### Flying is educational. Design, build, fly, and learn science and technology along the way. The FAA is misguided in their efforts. FAA, here’s an idea: Require a permit to fly in controlled airspace. Details of the permit can include the FAA’s proposed oversight. Local laws can govern hobby aircraft (toys) in uncontrolled airspace. We, as a hobby community, need to stop the clowns that go “building diving” and showboating in cities and other highly populated areas, which has largely encouraged the FAA to control the hobby. If the FAA convinces the federal legislative branch of their proposal, they will stifle a significant avenue for those with an interest in learning and pursuing STEM in this country. We need more hobbyists in this county, not less as a result of non-value added regulation. I have first hand experience working with engineers that are very book smart but have zero technical hands-on skills, which prevents them from being truly effective engineers. Furthermore, it’s illogical to think that there’s any flight safety value in the oversight of flyers operating in uncontrolled airspace over their own property and at local parks.”