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2020-02-23 14:26:11
“The ability to fly has fascinated humankind since the beginning, but crewed flight has always been and continues to be prohibitively expensive for genuine technical reasons. Uncrewed (particularly FPV) aircraft allow ordinary people who cannot afford to operate full scale crewed aircraft to enjoy the challenges and joys of aviation without capital expenditure or substantially endangering human safety. For many such as myself, the ability to engage in amateur aerospace engineering is also an unprecedented opportunity. While many fears of UAV safety are hugely overblown, they do potentially pose a threat to the operation of crewed aircraft akin to that of bird strikes (which are themselves a substantial hazard). To that end, I do think requiring the installation of some form of transponder to make UAVs easily detectable by full-scale crewed aircraft is appropriate and called for. However, restricting approval to commercial manufacturers specifically sanctioned by a regulating body such as the FAA is completely unreasonable as it instantly criminalizes any and all amateur engineering activities for no legitimate reason. Additionally this would place enormous undue financial hardship on all hobbyists because it would essentially eliminate all inexpensive UAVs from the market and push the entry level from the present $200 or so mark all the way up to the $1000 or more price tags we see from entry level stabilized camera drones. That is a totally unnecessary measure for accomplishing the legitimate goal of preventing airspace conflict between crewed and uncrewed aircraft.”