, Burbank

, California

, United States

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2020-02-23 19:06:26
“I began this hobby when i was a young teenager with radio controlled land vehicles and slow transitioned to all air type fleet. As the years and technology progressed i became more absorbed in this hobby. I saw newer companies thrive, saw more enthusiast coming out to the fields, just more people young, old and all ages in between really happy and more engaged in the hobby. Then when some areas of the hobby became commercialized, things just got shifted in the wrong direction. I say more than 90% of us hobbyist are just that hobbyist and have no intention of doing things commercially. WE should not be punished/penalized for this. If other are using this hobby as a platform for commercial purposes, then they and only they should be accountable for following these “New Regulations”. Before all these “New FAA” thoughts came about, we all followed the hobby and field guidelines/regulations. Please do not restrict hobbyist from enjoying, relaxing and having fun. Thank you for taking the time to read my view point, as a hobbyist.”