, Mountain View

, California

, United States

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2020-02-23 18:55:14
“I fly 5-inch multirotor quads. For me, FVP is a combination of learning about electronics, aviation, software, RC, and so much more. I am a Silicon Valley tech executive. One of the few times I have in my week to relax is when I am both building and flying my 5-inch mini quads. There is an incredible amount of innovation happening right now with FPV multirotor quads. It clear to me that many of the FPV hobbyist of today will become the tech founders of the near future. There is a massive amount of innovation in this space right now which is unlike anything else I have seen in my life. This is because of a combination of open-source software (Betaflight), home assembled aircraft, and easy access to the 3D printers. I believe that restricting this special innovation will retard the future growth and development of the tech and aviation in the USA. Some times when I fly on Sunday mornings at the local school fields, children will come to me and ask what I am doing. I show them the flight recordings from the FPV goggles. There is so much excitement and surprise when they see what it looks like from the point of view of the quad. One young boy told me excitedly, “I can see the whole world!”. That is how I feel every time I fly.”