, Oakland

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 18:59:40
“I am 17 years old and enjoy flying drones as a hobby and a way to experiment. I enjoy many STEM related activities and having a hobby that allows me to learn and build things is incredibly valuable. Having drones as a hobby is extremely important to me as someone who enjoys 3D modeling, coding, and building electronics. I’m also concerned that this regulation would impact drone innovations in the United States and remove the country from a multi-billion dollar industry. I’m also concerned about how it will impact small business owners who create and sell parts to create amateur drones. I’m even more concerned about its impact on STEM opportunities for other young people like myself. As someone who has learned so much from experimenting and building, I don’t want these regulations to stop young people like me from learning using these technologies. Another concern I have is over privacy. Having my location tracked by the government is always concerning and brings up many questions about privacy, especially if you’re flying in areas where you have permission to fly. As an example, if I was flying within my own property or within property where I am allowed to fly and out of the airspace of other vehicles, there is no reason for the government and law enforcement to have to know what I’m doing, especially in regards to amateur build aircraft that aren’t being used for commercial purposes. Overall, I find this proposed regulation incredibly concerning and believe that it could negatively impact the lives of many people of all ages.”