, Wichita

, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-14 9:05:34
“I’ve been involved in aviation all of my life. Grew up at the EAA Fly in in Oshkosh. Got a degree in aerospace engineering. Worked at a major aircraft OEM for 35 years. Flown RC airplanes for 35 years. Started out with glow, and have transitioned to electrics. I fly a variety of balsa and foam board planes. I currently have 18 flyable planes, and several more waiting on “swappable power pods” that are shared between multiple airplanes. All but one of these planes are scratch built (and that one has been “scratch repaired” several times.). Many are my own design. Some of my planes are regular fliers (ie once a week during the 4 month flying season). Some only fly once every three to four years. Some of my planes last for years, and some of my planes last for one or two flights. I fly at three designated flying sites, all of which are at least 25 minutes from my house.”